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How to Build Carports

Construct portable and freestanding metal & steel carports

by Sangay Glass
January 2009

There are several types of materials and designs used for building freestanding metal and steel portable carports for boats, cars and trucks. Whether you plan to build a cover or canopy for personal use or set one up as a gift, you will want to consider framing, protection and load bearing capabilities.

Metal Carports
most durable, easy cleaning

Frames come in 15 to 22 gauge metal or steel that is either galvanized or attractively powder coated in white.

A pop up is a one piece design that an adult can easily open. Simple canopy or tent kits are two person set ups that require putting the framing together. Both styles will need some staking for stability in windy conditions.

Portable Carports
most flexible, easy to assemble and build

Set up properly, freestanding portable carports will protect vehicles from the sun and most weather conditions.

Pick a level spot and clear the area of debris and branches that could cause unnecessary wear on the structure. In open and windy areas good staking is a must. Extra foot plates can be purchased before set up.

Freestanding Carports
permanent protection for cars, trucks, boats, rvs, jet skis, snowmobiles

A heavy-duty poly cover can last 10 years or more when care is taken to install it properly and maintain its condition.

Checking the bungie cords and securing the cover will prevent sagging which could weaken the structure. During heavy snow falls, prevent build up by brushing off excess snow with a broom.

From easy pop ups to rugged ready to use structures, today's portable and freestanding carports are one of the best accessories for outdoor storage of vehicles.

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