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Canopies Every Occasion: Give Me Shelter!

by Samantha Gleisten
January 2008

Whether you're looking to create a shady spot for an outdoor art show, camping, shield your boat out of season, or host the wedding of your dreams, there is a canopy that's perfectly suited to your needs. Most canopies have steel or aluminum framing construction with a polyethylene cover treated to endure the elements. Canopies come in many shapes and sizes and choosing the right canopy can be a daunting task. This quick guide will help you determine your canopy needs, be they pop up, outdoor or portable, and help you choose the perfect canopy.

Pop Up Tents
quick assembly
Pop up canopies are perfect for any outdoor event, especially family camping. These freestanding tents can be set up in minutes and offer portable shade in a quick and easy canopy kit. Pop up canopies make easy covers for almost any occasion. Most include a handy carry bag.

Party Canopy Tents
Party Canopy Tents

large & elegant
Great outdoor parties call for great party tents. Party canopies come in many shapes and sizes to suit your entertaining needs, but the one thing they have in common is that they all provide a great structure for larger audiences. Freestanding and portable, party canopies make it easy to host your party anywhere.

If you're looking to create a semi-permanent outdoor cover that will weather the elements, outdoor canopies are the perfect choice. These semi-permanent structures provide long-term protection for your car, boat or truck with durable designs and steel or aluminum structure. Portable car, truck and boat covers afford flexibility and durability.

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