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Carport Types

Metal, Steel, Aluminum and Freestanding Portable Carports

by Shannon Beineke
January 2009

One of the most cost-effective way to protect cars, trucks, boats, and even tractors from the elements is to use a carport. And you can keep the resale value of your vehicles higher! Furthermore, when carports are empty, they can double as tents - shaded outdoor play areas that also protect against rain. Carports can be crafted from steel, wood, or aluminum. Steel is the most reasonable choice due the high durability buyers get for the cost.

Metal Carports
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METAL CARPORTS - most durable, easy cleaning
Steel carports are easy to clean, recyclable, and their sturdy structure can stand extreme weather. These are also easy to put together. Aluminum carports are not nearly as sturdy or weather-resistant as steel, but they do have more aesthetic appeal. Both metals are usually covered with vinyl to help protect against rust and storm damage.

Portable Carports
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PORTABLE CARPORTS - most flexible, easy to assemble and build
Portable carports have canvas covers made either from polyester or polyethylene, which protect against water and harmful UV rays. Some designs even include walls that can be lowered with a drawstring! Carport tent covers need to be cleaned every few months with a brush and detergent, so this isn't the most hassle-free option, but at least canvas carports are easily portable.

Freestanding Carports
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Buyers can choose freestanding or attach-to-home carports. Singles and doubles are the standard available sizes. For those who have no plans of hiring professionals, some carports come in do-it-yourself kits. Carports that are easy to build are often portable, so they can provide shade for vehicles, gatherings, camping trips, and whatever else your heart desires.

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