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Truck Canopies and Car Canopies: Types and Materials

by Ja.W. Smith
November 2008

Truck canopies and car canopies provide the ultimate solution for those who must have portable protection for their vehicle, and perhaps even privacy when it's called for. They are typically freestanding outdoor canvas and steel and aluminum tent kits that provide shelter for trucks, cars, accessories, tractors, boats, rv canopy, livestock, tool storage, farm equipment and pretty much anything else that can fit in a garage. Whether you have a Ford, Toyota, Dodge, pickups, or cars, there's a canopy that fits your needs. Each is used in a slightly different way. For some peace of mind that your prized possessions won't get ruined by the weather, all you have to do is choose one:

TRUCK CANOPY and CAR CANOPY - fully enclosed in rounded or squared edge
Enclosed instant garage type canopies are called truck canopies and car canopies designed to completely surround the vehicle and maximize protection. They have complete coverage on all sides and keep your vehicle the safest.

Canopy Covers
Canopy Covers

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CANOPY - top cover without sidewalls
Canopy covers used for boats are not generally intended as truck canopies and car canopies, but will often suit the purpose in mild weather. This type often lacks complete side walls and rigidity to keep it effective and upright in more severe climates.

Canopy Tents
Canopy Tents

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CANOPY TENT - party and wedding tents, pop up tents, event tents
Decorative canopies are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. With a little planning, they could be sized correctly for use as truck canopies and car canopies. The decorative style is commonly used as an attractive sun cover at events and shows. Their lighter framing, such as the E-Z Up Canopy, allows easier erecting and take-down. They are usually the most portable, as well.


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