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Party Tents and Event Tents - How to Choose

All about party tents for weddings, festivals, and occasions

by Deana Clark
January 2009

Choosing a tent for your next party or event is not an easy task. But whether you need a tent for a wedding, special event, outdoor show, booth, flea market or festival, this guide will help you choose the one that is right for you and your occasion.

If you are looking for a tent to use several times, or if you are the type to have several parties and events throughout the yearthen you may want to consider buying one instead of renting. It will definitely save you money in the long run. Choosing a tent takes a bit of leg work but will be worth it in the end. There are several types of tents you can choose from for your next party or event:

Party Tents
available in large sizes

Made to protect your guests from the sun and rain during formal or informal occasions. They are economical vs. tent rentals when they are used several times.

Wedding Tents
most dramatic

If you want more of an open feeling in your tent, this is the one to choose. The center poles are high and it has a sloped ceiling.

This tent has poles all around it as well as in the center. This is perfect for wind and heavy rain protection.

Pop Up Tents
quick assembly

This is another lightweight tent but it has a frame that can be taken down rather easy.

This tent is made with metal frames but has no center poles at all.

Tent Size
First you need to know the number of people attending the party or event. This will determine the size tent you need. As a general rule, you want 6 square feet per person if you have round tables and 12 square feet per person if you have long tables. You also need to allow room for the bar, cake area, DJ and dance floor.

Tent Color
When choosing the color of the party or event tent, white is normally the way to go but it is not set in stone. Depending on the type of event or party will determine the color of the tent you choose.

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